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1) Message boards : News : This project is finally over. (Message 769)
Posted 13 Jul 2019 by Jim1348
How about a new project? There could be some significant crunching opportunities here.

One of the most significant Russian space science missions in the post-Soviet era has launched from Baikonur. The Spektr-RG telescope is a joint venture with Germany that will map X-rays across the entire sky in unprecedented detail.

Researchers say this information will help them trace the large-scale structure of the Universe.
2) Message boards : News : This project is finally over. (Message 761)
Posted 22 Jun 2019 by Jim1348
Vlad is one of the few people who know how to get GPUs to work properly. That must be a valuable skill for other projects too. I hope he is back with another one someday.

Good luck.
3) Message boards : News : No new structures today (Message 674)
Posted 5 Jan 2019 by Jim1348
I am waiting for the fusion work. You don't need me until then.
4) Message boards : News : That's all! You did it! (Message 570)
Posted 1 Oct 2017 by Jim1348
Regarding the future projects, if there will be another scientific task correlating with what I’m doing and requiring massive calculations, then there will be another BOINC project. So far, I can only say that if such a task appears, it will most likely be connected with ITER (because my main work is related to that project).

Fusion is about the most important topic that I can think of. If we can be of help, let us know and there will be plenty of GPUs at your disposal. There really are not many good projects for GPUs these days.
5) Message boards : Windows : WU's too small for GPU (Message 232)
Posted 24 Jun 2017 by Jim1348
Almost like the traveling salesman problem except in a 3D sense....

ie. a problem with no real efficient solution....

Karmarkar found it.
6) Message boards : Nvidia : Only 1 of 2 Nvidia GPU's running (Message 192)
Posted 22 Jun 2017 by Jim1348
You might try a cc_config.xml file, placed in the BOINC Data directory:


I have needed it in the past with two cards, but I don't recall whether it was needed for Nvidia or AMD cards.
7) Message boards : News : Maintenance is over! (Message 129)
Posted 18 Jun 2017 by Jim1348
The first 18 work units ran perfectly on my GTX 1060 (Win7 6-bit, 373.06 drivers). The times ranged from 3 to 92 seconds, with the average being around 35 seconds. There were no problems with CPU support; it reserved a core on my i7-4771 while other cores were in use for other BOINC projects. But the weather is a little warm here, so I will give others the opportunity to get some for a while.
8) Message boards : News : Project restart in June (Message 123)
Posted 8 Jun 2017 by Jim1348

Much more interesting: again a gpu client??

It has always has a GPU client, as long as I have been here.
I would be surprised if it did not. Can they keep them busy? That is another question.
9) Message boards : News : Alpha-testing is over! The project is stopped for long-term maintenance. (Message 101)
Posted 2 Dec 2016 by Jim1348
I apologize for poor server performance, awful job scheduling, app crashes and bugs leading to a waste of computational resources. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

This is one of the smoothest-running tests I have ever seen, especially considering the wide range of hardware supported, and you were on top of the problems immediately.

I think you will get a lot more crunchers next time.

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