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1) Message boards : Linux : No tasks sent to Linux CentOS 7 hosts (Message 710)
Posted 17 Feb 2019 by xii5ku
Thanks; I checked once more now: My CPU-only computers are on a preferences set which has all applications enabled. And "Use CPU" and all the rest enabled too. (My CPU+GPU computers are switched to a separate preferences sets a.k.a. locations at which I chose to "Use NVIDIA GPU" or "Use Intel GPU" only currently.)

I attempted to use these CPU-only hosts at Xansons only early last year, then not anymore, and only this Saturday again. I consider it a possibility that they did not receive tasks simply because there are now so many people asking for tasks every other Saturday now.

(It doesn't bother me much because those CPU-only computers are used for other purposes on most Saturdays. But I perhaps I'll retry next time out of curiosity.)
2) Message boards : Linux : No tasks sent to Linux CentOS 7 hosts (Message 708)
Posted 17 Feb 2019 by xii5ku
Correction to my previous post:
In March...May 2018, I allowed my Nvidia/ Linux Mint hosts to pull CPU jobs along with GPU jobs, and they received CPU jobs indeed. Just my CPU-only hosts were never graced with a single Xansons task.
3) Message boards : News : 474 new structures (Message 706)
Posted 16 Feb 2019 by xii5ku
Sorry for straying off-topic, but: SETI@home has a quota of 100 tasks in progress per GPU. This is far less than what a good mainstream GPU can complete during a typical S@h maintenance downtime.
4) Message boards : Linux : No tasks sent to Linux CentOS 7 hosts (Message 704)
Posted 16 Feb 2019 by xii5ku
I never received a single CPU job ever since I joined this project almost a year ago, but I always received Nvidia and Intel GPU jobs.

My CPU-only hosts run Gentoo Linux and OpenSUSE with 4.x kernels, x86-64. Their web preferences are set to run any application. (The Nvidia hosts run Linux Mint, and the Intel IGP is running under Win 7. These GPU hosts have their web preferences set to use only GPUs, not CPUs. Hence they never ask for CPU jobs, unlike my CPU-only hosts.)
5) Message boards : News : 474 new structures (Message 700)
Posted 16 Feb 2019 by xii5ku
VLad wrote:
Some hosts report 50 GPUs,

bluestang wrote:
Yeah, those are evidently fake and gaming the system.

A system with 50 logical AMD RX series GPUs is of course nonsense.

But if you spot a host with many big Nvidia GPUs, then a likely explanation for this is that its owner is also SETI@home participant and configured this pseudo number of GPUs in order to bridge SETI's weekly maintenance window. The people who do this don't want to "game the system", they merely want highest possible uptime of their compute clients. This directly benefits the SETI@home project, and I applaud these users for their dedication and ability.

Anyway; in case of XANSONS for COD with its low number of tasks per month, I can understand Vlad's choice for a simple per-host limit, instead of anything more complicated.

marsinph wrote:
So Bluestang, please reconsider your opinion

Bluestang disapproved of the user with the abnormal host config, not of Vlad's countermeasure against hosts like this.
6) Message boards : News : 592 new structures (Message 657)
Posted 24 Nov 2018 by xii5ku
@jozef j, this has been answered in a previous thread:
message 639, message 641

(edit: ninja'd by Vlad)

@Vlad, thank you for an interesting project, and a well run too.

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