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1) Message boards : Cafe : Place your bets! (Message 455)
Posted 31 Aug 2017 by mikey
You should have checked the current burn rate before posting !
With just over a week to go to the deadline I'll wait till nearer the time :)
Once people realize how little time is left it is less likely that they stop and much more likely that the burn rate will increase as point/badge targets are sought.

I thought I would give people the chance for a bit of thought. I did expect that most guesses would come in just before the deadline ;-)

Darn if I'd known there would be betting I would have worked harder!!
2) Message boards : Cafe : first impression (Message 442)
Posted 28 Aug 2017 by mikey
Hello Win10

My 1080 GTX not optimized, delivers with Collatz 75-79 points / sec

Comparing credits from one project to another is not a fair comparison as each has their own agenda in how they give us the credits. Some projects use credits to entice crunchers to come there, other projects give out fewer credits to keep their servers running as a bigger workload can make them crash. In the past some projects sold their results so paid a ton of credits to get people to crunch for them, I don't know of any projects that do that right now though. Seti tried to enforce a 'credit new' process a while back but since each project does it's own thing, only using the Boinc software as the common denominator between them that didn't work and for the most part was dropped.

BTW 1 Million credits and $10 can get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but without the $10 you are NOT getting a cup of coffee!!
3) Message boards : News : Badges (Message 430)
Posted 20 Aug 2017 by mikey
May we assume that these will be exported for various badge sites? (And thank you for following through on getting badges implemented!)


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