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1) Message boards : News : This project is finally over. (Message 759)
Posted 20 Jun 2019 by JugNut
A sad but understandable decision Vlad.

Hopefully for us you'll have need for another boinc project one day. Until then all the best for whatever the future holds.

Cheers Greg.
2) Message boards : News : 691 new structures (Message 731)
Posted 26 May 2019 by JugNut
There's nothing to be sorry about Vlad, many crunchers including myself still think this is a valuable project and perhaps try a little to hard to snag every bit of work they can.

LOL you may be a victim of your own success?

But if you could help that would be appreciated.

3) Message boards : News : 691 new structures (Message 729)
Posted 26 May 2019 by JugNut
Yep same, I get a handful of WU's and then the uploads & downloads lock up completely. The problem is only with xansons as all other boinc work and internet activities remain unaltered, then 4 or 5 hours later the WU's finally finish going where there supposed too, by then all work is gone.
According to the server that's from just 118 users. Actually probably a lot less users than that as many users download both CPU and GPU work at the same time. Problem is it seems to be getting worse each fortnight.

@ Vlad: I realize this project is just running part time now but is there any way of increasing bandwidth on the day? I mean it's only needed for at most 6 hours once a fortnight.
It such a short time period maybe your ISP would do you a solid and give you a bit of bandwidth flexibility once a fortnight?
Stranger things have happened. LOL

All the best.
4) Message boards : News : That's all! You did it! (Message 568)
Posted 30 Sep 2017 by JugNut
Well done on a very successful boinc project Vlad. I agree with all the above comments that there are many boinc admins who could learn a great deal about how to run a good boinc project from you.

I'd gladly crunch for you again any day.

PS: Do you have any plans for new projects in the future? *crosses fingers*
5) Message boards : Web site : Badges? (Message 416)
Posted 14 Aug 2017 by JugNut
It would be nice if we could see the exact number of entries in our account.

Done. It's just below the badges on the profile and user pages. The number is updated every 4 hours while the badges are assigned once per day.

Hey Vlad thanks for adding the "Processed COD entries" feature.
As a volunteer it's great to see how much you've helped the project
in ways other than just credits and it's also nice to see exactly how
far away the next badge is too.

Well done.
6) Message boards : Windows : WU's too small for GPU (Message 285)
Posted 27 Jun 2017 by JugNut
I think the best way is to run the WU from this project in parallel with the WUs from the other projects, because this project is really small. With the current processing power, all the 13 million WUs will be completed in 2 months.

There is a LOT of processing power in the Boinc user base, a lot more than many realize. I can take a few machines off and run something else.... No problem.

The project is stable and scales beautifully, at least on the GPU side, Good Job!

Is there any prospect for a larger project in the foreseeable future?

How true, Vlad has done a great job and you're right there is tons of power available on boinc.

@Vlad: You seem stuck between a rock & a hard place, you could go the expensive route & buy more server power or even start restricting work to only 'X' amount of WU's per host but then that would only spread the pain & make things worse.

I guess you could close the site to new members as you already have more than enough firepower already? None of those are particularly appealing options.

Happily though workflow is little better at the moment :)

Maybe talk to the project admin at Milky way they have been running huge amounts of small WU's just like yours for years on end, they are sure to have some tips to help ease the load.

All the best.
7) Message boards : Windows : WU's too small for GPU (Message 283)
Posted 27 Jun 2017 by JugNut
Luckily for the moment there are some bigger work units coming through and that's helping the cache situation a little.

In the long run though, that's the real question??
8) Message boards : Windows : WU's too small for GPU (Message 276)
Posted 27 Jun 2017 by JugNut
Thanks again for your quick response Vlad. On my faster GPU's the work unit cache looks to be slowly filling again.
9) Message boards : Windows : WU's too small for GPU (Message 273)
Posted 27 Jun 2017 by JugNut
Hey Vlad GPU work has dried up again. Server stats show zero ready to send

The last lot of work units were very small and were completing faster than they could be downloaded.
10) Message boards : Windows : Getting lots of Invalids with v1.04 GPU app (Message 267)
Posted 26 Jun 2017 by JugNut
No worries Vlad, you've been very responsive and are obviously doing your best.
Besides sometimes sh#$ happens :)


@EG Mostly on the Nvidia's, but invalids must have increased across the board for Vlad to have rolled back a version.
11) Message boards : Windows : Getting lots of Invalids with v1.04 GPU app (Message 260)
Posted 26 Jun 2017 by JugNut
As mentioned i'm now getting quite a few invalids. Before v1.04 I had zero invalids. As of the time of this post I now have 14 invalid & another 18 in Validation inconclusive on just one PC. LINK to PC

Across all my PC's I now have 27 invalid and 30 in Validation inconclusive.

Hopefully this is just a one off glitch. But that would seem unlikely :(
12) Message boards : Cafe : Xanson and my Gpu (Message 252)
Posted 26 Jun 2017 by JugNut
This is a link to an app called ttrottle.
It works with boinc to control your CPU and GPU temperature to whatever level you desire to set it to.

Although i'm not sure why your titan is running so hot. In my case I found the xansons GPU app runs much cooler than other boinc GPU app i've ever used before. So maybe you have other problems?

That said the above linked ttrottle program should work well because it's designed with boinc use in mind.
The guy who makes ttrottel is the same guy that makes the awesome boinc-tasks app, which IMHO is the best boinc add-on program ever created.

Good luck.
13) Message boards : Windows : WU's too small for GPU (Message 242)
Posted 25 Jun 2017 by JugNut
Hey Vlad,
Maybe make it an optional choice in project preference like some other projects do.

Say..from a drop down box in project preferences....

For CPU you could choose =
Max # of cached jobs per CPU/core from 2 - 8 WU's

For GPU you could choose =
Max # of cached jobs per GPU Jobs/GPU from 2 - 28 WU's

Perhaps leave the default settings as they are now. Then implement the above option, afterwards only those having problems will need to change anything. Those unaffected will leave things as they are, so to lessen the impact on server performance.

Perhaps even make the kernel size an option for those looking for better GPU utilisation?

The below options are a part of Amicable Numbers project preferences and are selectable from a drop down box.

Kernel size for AMD/ATI GPUs [?] 16 -21
Kernel size for NVIDIA GPUs [?] 16 -21

The [?] is a hot box that bring up info & suggested usage tips.

Just a thought..

PS The ATI/AMD command works well, testing is a mixed bag but on some WU's it noticeably massively faster, but on other only a little but overall it's certainly quicker. It flies though the WU but then takes 30secs or more at the end to do the CPU calculations. It's early days yet but so far it seems like quite an improvement. Testing continues just to make sure I didn't get a bunch of smallies but so far so good. No screen lag but that's just because in this box the GPU attached to the monitor is an Nvidia the AMD is a secondary card.
14) Message boards : Windows : WU's too small for GPU (Message 226)
Posted 24 Jun 2017 by JugNut
Work seems to be drying up.

Server says...

Application.......................Unsent.....In progress
XaNSoNS BOINC for CPU...136..........682............0.02 (0.01 - 1.28)
XaNSoNS BOINC for GPU...0.............2296...........0.04 (0.01 - 12.54)

So 136 for CPU & 0 for GPU. I have nothing except for the occasional spatter.
15) Message boards : Nvidia : Only 1 of 2 Nvidia GPU's running (Message 221)
Posted 24 Jun 2017 by JugNut
Whoo Hoo we have a winner..

The latest release app v1.02 fixed the above mention problems.

Thanks Vlad :)

Thanks for reporting this! All multi-gpu Nvidia users were affected.

I must say, its great to see such an active project admin. I'd much rather participate in a project where questions get answered and there is someone around to fix/update the project. Sometimes its disheartening to see questions go unanswered or problems unsolved for months at a time at other projects.


Well said mmonnin, I couldn't agree more.
16) Message boards : Nvidia : Only 1 of 2 Nvidia GPU's running (Message 213)
Posted 22 Jun 2017 by JugNut
Good detective work there Vlad, enjoy your victory..

I'm just glad it wasn't a problem that was only on my systems ;)
17) Message boards : Nvidia : Only 1 of 2 Nvidia GPU's running (Message 210)
Posted 22 Jun 2017 by JugNut
Whoo Hoo we have a winner..

The latest release app v1.02 fixed the above mention problems.

Thanks Vlad :)
18) Message boards : Nvidia : Only 1 of 2 Nvidia GPU's running (Message 209)
Posted 22 Jun 2017 by JugNut
Nope same problem :(

This is the original PC with 2x GTX 970's..

This is the latest PC I just attached that has 2 x GTX 580's. It's completely different to the other PC and is much older too. Still works fine though..

Both these PC's now have the same problem as mentioned in previous posts. It's back to the drawing board i'm affraid.

All my rigs are dedicated full time crunchers so If I can't find a fix within the next day or so i'll try using an exclude statement in cc_config. That way at least I could get back the non functioning GPUs for other projects. Well that's the plan anyway.

I have two other PC's attached, one has just one GPU so it's fine & the other is a mixed rig with two completely different GPU's(AMD HD 7970 + a 1080 ti) and it works fine too.

But in the end why would two completely different PC's behave the same? the only similarity is they both have a pair identical Nvidia GPU's in them?

Anyhoo it's time for bed here so i'll get back to it later. Any thoughts would be thankfully received.

19) Message boards : Nvidia : Only 1 of 2 Nvidia GPU's running (Message 206)
Posted 22 Jun 2017 by JugNut
Good one,

We'll see what happens now,

whatever happens thank you for the help Vlad :)
20) Message boards : Nvidia : Only 1 of 2 Nvidia GPU's running (Message 202)
Posted 22 Jun 2017 by JugNut
Hey mmonnin how goes it?

My BM says the same IE: 0.987 CPU + 1NV (d0) and 0.987 CPU + 1NV (d1)

Which is kinda strange because in this box (D0)=physical PCI-e slot2 and (D1)=physical slot1(closest to the CPU)

Soo it appears like it's the GPU in slot (D0)(the 2nd physical slot) doing all the work?? With (D1)(physical slot 1) that's doing nothing at all. Weird!!

Although boinc probably assigns ID numbers by logical PCI ID's numbers which has little to do with it's physical location but... whatever it's doing it's now starting to confuse the heck out of me. I think I know less now than when I started looking.LOL

The same thing happened years ago at POEM@Home. Their GPU app had the same problem and for many months users could only use one GPU no matter how many they had. Eventually with the help of a new dev they figured it out. Maybe there dev could be contacted?

Or maybe i'm jumping the gun, so far no one else has confirmed that they even have this problem.

So i'm still after anyone else with say 2 960's, 2 970's, 2 980's, 2, 1070's ect ect to see if they are having this problem as well? Or even people with 3 or 4 Nvidia GPU's of the same kind in the same box would be very revealing also. Just check you GPU usage for each GPU being used.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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