Troubles with Nvidia GTX 570 and 580
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Message boards : News : Troubles with Nvidia GTX 570 and 580

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Message 42 - Posted: 20 Nov 2016, 12:54:29 UTC
Last modified: 23 Nov 2016, 16:39:07 UTC

I've noticed that CUDA app generates wrong results on Nvidia GTX 570 and 580 (multiple hosts). The reason is unknown to me. Maybe, there are some issues with the SASS code generated for CUDA devices with compute capability (CC) 2.0. I've provided the new executable (windows only), which does not include SASS code for CC 2.0, so all devices with CC 2.0 and 2.1 are forced to build the SASS code from the PTX now.

Update: Another GPU with CC 2.0 is affected - GTX 480M. The patch did not help.

Update 2: It seems, that some Nvidia GPUs with CC 2.1 are also affected but not all of them.

Update 3: I've created a separate thread on this issue.

Update 4: These problems seems to be solved in the version 1.06.

Message boards : News : Troubles with Nvidia GTX 570 and 580

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