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//\\ Alfonso S. Restivo, Financial-Org Strategic Management ; Chicagoland, Illinois, USA ; Phone +1.708.227.8942 , Email AlfonsoSRestivo@aol.com ;...


That's all! You did it!
It remains only to wait for the tasks in progress. Thank you very much for participating! You helped create the database of simulated powder diffraction patterns: http://database.xansons4cod.com.

You calculated:

x-ray diffraction patterns for 356 202 structures (92.6% of all COD entries),

neutron diffraction patterns for 370 533 structures (96.3% of all COD entries).

Nikolay Khrapov almost finished the database interface. We still need to write the "About" page which is left blank for now.

Since COD itself has advanced search by chemical composition and other properties of the structure, for our database searching only by COD ID is enough. The structure's page (example) contains interactive charts showing simulated powder diffraction patterns, links to the data files with these patterns (in text format) and the list of volunteers who contributed to this page. If the COD ID does not exist or was not processed, the respective page is empty.
Note that despite the COD ID is a 7-digit number, only about 384,600 entries exist and the IDs do not necessary go by numerical order (there are gaps).
29 Sep 2017, 7:31:38 UTC · Comment

Calculations are almost complete!
WUs for the last COD entries are sent out, but we still have to recalculate some of the old WUs (mostly for the GPU). It will take another 10 hours or so.

Account creation is disabled.
28 Sep 2017, 21:26:23 UTC · Comment

New structures added to the processing list
Updated the processing list of COD IDs with 5350 new structures added to COD since project restart (June 18th). 26 Sep 2017, 9:45:40 UTC · Comment

Server overload
Over the past 9 hours, the load on the disk has increased manyfold. This resulted in a decrease of the generated WUs and the problem with the validation. Please, refrain from viewing your results if possible. Viewing the results database leads to a heavy disk load. Thank you for understanding!

Update Showing the results is temporarily disabled.

Update 2 Things started getting back to normal immediately after showing the results was disabled.

Update 3 Showing the results is enabled again. However, this feature will be disabled in case of high disk load.
22 Sep 2017, 20:25:36 UTC · Comment

BOINC:FAST 2017 conference
The report about this project was made at the BOINC:FAST 2017 conference. Here is the list of talks. You can find the amazing report about LHC@Home there as well as the reports about some new projects: Acoustics@Home (report), AndersonAttack@home (report), RakeSearch (report) and USPEX@Home (report). 12 Sep 2017, 16:18:10 UTC · Comment

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