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Hi, everybody! I'm French male :D. I really love Home automation! my website - rechnung schreiben (www.foto-dubler-reisen.ch)


Active phase of the project is completed by 20% in the first 24 days
Only about 0.2% of the obtained results should be recalculated due to bugs in the early versions of the apps (the results obtained with the version 1.04 mostly). All other results are included in the final database. 12 Jul 2017, 20:28:27 UTC · Comment

Crystallography Open Database server is temporarily down
We get the input data for the WUs from the http://crystallography.net. So, while this server is down we can't generate new WUs.

Added a mirror.

Update 2
It seems that http://crystallography.net/ is up again. But if the problem recurs in the future, the requests will be redirected to the mirror server, http://qiserver.ugr.es/cod/.
12 Jul 2017, 16:20:55 UTC · Comment

Source code of the client app is released
You can download it here. 28 Jun 2017, 21:18:48 UTC · Comment

CPU usage in GPU apps
The new CUDA app 1.03 does not use the CPU core anymore except for the computation of the atomic ensemble in the beginning.
The new OpenCL app 1.03 has a command line option --nowait which when specified reduces the CPU load to zero but at the same time makes the system almost unusable due to lagging. If you do not use the system while crunching, you may add this to your app_config.xml:

<app_version> <app_name>xansons_gpu</app_name> <plan_class>opencl_ati_102_windows</plan_class> <cmdline>--nowait</cmdline> </app_version>

Replace 'opencl_ati_102_windows' with the appropriate plan class: opencl_ati_102_mac, opencl_ati_102_linux, opencl_intel_gpu_102_windows, opencl_intel_gpu_102_linux, opencl_intel_gpu_102_mac or opencl_nvidia_102_linux.

All OpenCL 1.03 versions are marked as beta due to potential memory leak problem.

Update 2
The 1.03 app uses exactly the same amount of memory as 1.02 does, so there is no memory leak. The memory consumption depends on the WU. Those tasks which have 'solid_material' in their names may consume up to 1.5 GB of memory depending on the initial data. Please take this into consideration when launching multiple WUs in parallel.
I'll try to reduce memory consumption in the next version. 25 Jun 2017, 23:13:15 UTC · Comment

Maintenance is over!
The project is restarted with new native BOINC apps and additional computational scenario.

Now the large WUs can be assigned only to the GPU and the small ones only to the CPU.

GPU apps do not require dedicated CPU core by default anymore. If you notice any performance issues caused by this, consider using custom app configuration. Place this file in the project's folder.

The apps of this project do not make checkpoints. If stopped, the task will be restarted from the beginning. The task execution time should not exceed 10 minutes for moderate PCs. However, some tasks may take longer to complete on low-end PCs. This is particularly true for low-end GPUs. If the execution time of tasks is unacceptably high for your GPU, consider disabling it in the "Preferences for this project" in your profile page.

The project is in beta-testing stage. Bugs are more than likely. However, all the results obtained during this stage will be included in the final database If no critical errors are found.

Thank you for participating!
18 Jun 2017, 18:09:05 UTC · Comment

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